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HVAC Testing Duct Work

HVAC Testing

Solutions for HVAC contractors, TAB Professionals and HERS Raters including anemometers, flow hoods, micromanometers and more.

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Kanomax Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Assessing indoor air quality in buildings begins with IAQ investigations using professional grade measuring instruments.

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Kanomax Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom Monitoring

Cleanroom solutions include handheld, portable and 24/7 particulate monitoring and tools for monitoring airflow, temperature & humidity.

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Kanomax Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene

Kanomax instruments are preferred by professionals that must monitor and maintain industrial hygiene to ensure occupational safety, comfort, and productivity.

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Kanomax Industrial Flow Testing

Industrial Flow Testing

Multi-point air velocity measurement systems, high-temperature measurements & more for automotive, aerospace & electronics industries.

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Kanomax Fluid Mechanics Research

Fluid Mechanics Research

Kanomax began as a fluid mechanics laboratory. Goro Kano, the founder of Kanomax, dedicated his efforts to develop the best technologies for this application.

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