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Building Start’s AiRNAB: The TAB Pro’s Dream

AiRNAB is a digital recording platform that allows technicians to sync their Kanomax Model 6715 Capture Hoods to an iOS-based mobile device to remotely control the unit and automate reporting.

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Instrument Financing Now Available

Kanomax USA has partnered with LEAF to offer online credit and convenient instrument financing options on our products, which include anemometers, particle counters, duct air leakage testers, dust monitors, airflow capture hoods, and more.

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Energy Savings and Duct Air Leakage Testing

Energy Savings and Duct Air Leakage Testing Research has proven that the most energy lost in homes is due to duct air leakages. Extreme cases of this are seen in either very hot or very cold months. In the winter hot air is quickly spread

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Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Farming Monitoring

The air quality in a room depends on a lot of factors. The air may contain unhealthy particles and dust, airflow might be too weak or too intense, or the temperature might be unsuitable or unstable. The quality of air in a room can affect

High Temp Anemometer Applications

High-Temperature Anemometer Applications

High-temperature anemometers are utilized for testing temperatures of very high degrees. They are used in various industries for this purpose, some of which include

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High Temperature Anemometer For Kiln-Drying Wood

Wood drying is necessary because it helps reduce moisture, extending its lifespan and hardening it for construction purposes. When the wood drying is done in a kiln, it is known as ‘kiln-dried lumber.’ It is well-known that log homes are built for energy efficiency and beauty,